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Discover the true power of your voice

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Adversity breeds opportunity. Now is the time to rise to the challenge of virtual communication through your most powerful tool – your voice!


Our virtual courses will empower you with the skills, techniques and confidence to deliver an impactful and memorable presentation, enhance client relationships and connect positively with new  business contacts.  There is no better time than now to make yourself heard! 

ABOUT my Voice

With her extensive experience as a highly successful performance coach, Mariette knows what it takes to give people the confidence and ability to deliver a memorable public address.


To any speech maker, their voice is the most important tool they will use, and she has all the skills and expertise to develop and hone it into your most influential and convincing communication weapon. 


She also recognises the importance of a presenter’s grooming, body language and the ability to connect positively with their audience in order to become a prominent influencer. 


How Can i Help you?

It is my job to show you how to speak in a voice that commands respect and credibility. 
Once I've guided you along the way of discovering your own built-in microphone - those beautiful resonators which enable you to project loudly and clearly without straining your voice - you will be amazed at how much you gain in confidence and performance presence. 
    My Voice specialises in:
  • How to turn problems into solutions
  • Know your subject inside out
  • Empower yourself with knowledge
  • Don’t just speak – entertain
  • The importance of simplicity
  • You have three seconds to make
      a first impression
  • How to be animated and emotive
  • Breathing techniques 
  • Make stage fright your friend - not your enemy
  • How to create an audience ‘hook’
  • How and when to add humour
  • How to articulate your words
  • How to adjust to audience’s reaction
  • Importance of positive body language 
  • Grooming – looking good means feeling great
  • How to connect with your audience
       …and stay connected
You owe it to yourself. Invest in your communication skills today 
  • How to use presentation aids
  • How to use a microphone
  • What to do when you strike a blank
  • How to deal with interruptions
  • How to produce the perfect online video
  • How to prepare a speech
  • How to rehearse
  • How to begin and how to end
  • Where and how to stand to own the stage
  • How to compile and use notes
  • How to use gestures and what to do with your hands
  • How to speak with conviction and confidence
  • Discover your built-in microphone
  • How to modulate and project your voice