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“It is now many years ago, in the early 1980’s that I was privileged to have voice and drama lessons from Mariette. Nevertheless I still remember it fondly. In a school environment where many teachers emphasised conformity and discipline above all, I started to lose confidence and stutter. Mariette’s approach and lessons provided a creative space where I could speak my own voice and be my own person. Looking back, I found it most astonishing, that she believed so much in me, that I was allowed to write a simple poem for our group performance in front of an audience: this was a definite confidence booster!  I am truly thankful for what she meant to me and glad our paths crossed. ”


Gert van Zyl, Professor and Virological Pathologist, Division of Medical Virology, Stellenbosch University and NHLS Tygerberg business unit, Cape Town, South Africa.


“To me two things are key when delivering your company’s message: finding what it is you really want to say and having the confidence to deliver your message in a compelling way. Mariette helped me to unearth these skills to steadily move my business forward in an authentic way.” 


"I have known Mariette Richardson for many years and can highly recommend her voice coaching services for a truly professional approach to public and motivational speaking."


"Mariette Richardson is an actress that performed in many stage plays with some of South Africa’s leading actors. She is a trained drama teacher who ran her own drama school before she became a radio announcer and a television producer. Mariette has trained many public speakers and presenters during her career in broadcasting. Her patience and endearing manner in working with people guarantees her success. 

Salome Brown Gooding - Former Corporate Communications Executive for various blue chip listed companies on the Johannesburg and London stock exchanges. 


"Hi Mariette I just wanted to let you know I had a really good day yesterday at my first workshop/talk on Natural Health. Had great feedback & lots of people wanted to speak to me after about the oils & Lamps. Thank you so much for your coaching."






"Mariette is a wonderful combination of experience, wisdom, encouragement, and she really knows what she’s talking about. I think everybody who has to speak in public or present to people would benefit from at least a conversation with her."


Manager Women in Business 

Mariette has taught me valuable rules for public speaking in merely one hour in her company. 

Thank you Mariette for teaching me how to curb glossophobia, by emphasising the importance of speaking with confidence and authority; never to apologise for anything; entertaining the audience; and the use of notes, to mention but a few.

With Mariette's highly successful career and educational achievements, I can highly recommend her training, which will undoubtly have positive outcomes for anybody's future appearances.

Wilma Lutsch; Multiprof: Manager, Environmental Intelligence, South Africa

Olalla Couceiro Somoza

"I used to consider public speaking as something to try to avoid but I now actually start to enjoy it thanks to the sessions I had with Mariette during the last 6 months.

Mariette helped me to transform the way I engage with my audience and the most important, how to feel more confident and relaxed so I can get a better outcome, catch the audience's attention more from the start, structure in a more appropriate way the message I want to share and not to change my style but to focus it in the right direction.

I cannot recommend Mariette highly enough to those people who are looking for ways to improve their presentation skills or simply start enjoying the public speaking!"


Senior Quality & Compliance Professional - MSc Civil Engineer & MBA

Vicky Ye

"Mariette is a brilliant performance coach. She has coached me on public speaking/presentation since last year. With her help, I have significantly increased my confidence in presentation. She is such a lovely person and wonderful coach, very professional.

In addition, Mariette has helped me with the pronunciations and the techniques to capture the audience's attention. Recently she has taught me some very useful tips for online meetings.

I would highly recommend Mariette to everyone who wants to improve their presentation or public speaking skills."


Project Manager at Heathrow Airports Company

Quinne - review Mariette Richardson née Cloete

Video Productions

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See Louise's review: 


“I can’t recommend Mariette enough as a voice and presentation coach.  I recently had a corporate workshop that I was putting together that was a new format for me and I was nervous that I wasn’t going to come across confident enough.  Mariette helped me to learn how to project my voice in the right way and open up my mind around how I actually wanted my message to come across and most importantly she helped me to smile through it and enjoy the process from beginning to end!”  Thank you Mariette - Claire Matthews, House of Colour